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I miss you little one.

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back in cali

back in cali

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Wet, wetter, Iceland …

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i can’t wait // nu shooz

my love, tell me what it’s all about
you’ve got something that i can’t live without
happiness is so hard to find
hey, baby, tell me what is on your mind

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1. Most of people use music to escape from daily emotional stress.

2. People born in 1997-1999 have lived in three decades, two centuries, and two millenniums and they are not even 18 yet!

3. Alcohol is a diuretic, so drinking too much causes you to become dehydrated, which can lead to dull,…

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That’s how you get around campus! TBT

That’s how you get around campus! TBT

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"what matters most is
how well you 
walk through the
Charles Bukowski (via having-compassion)

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